Maxxess eFusion Helps Make Security Management Simple

The complex security challenge

When it comes to security systems, things can be pretty complex.

First, there are the systems themselves – access control, video surveillance, visitor management, badging, intrusion alarms – that’s just the beginning of the systems installed at some facilities, and every facility is different.

Then there are the risks and situations to be managed – tailgating, card sharing, and all kinds of unauthorized entries, natural hazards such as storms, earthquakes, and fires, and hostile actions from cyberattacks to bomb threats.

If that wasn’t complex enough, now we have growth in active shooters, and of course, COVID-19, which brings a new level of attention to the health-related risks of communicable diseases.

Unless you are in the business of professional security, all of these factors are unwanted complications to your business or organizational operations. You need some help to manage all these systems and risks, so you can focus on your goals.

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Maxxess eFusion™ can help

eFusion™ Security Management Software can help bring order to all your diverse security-related systems, giving you a clear, coherent view of your current status and helping you monitor and assess potential and unfolding events in real-time. By bringing together operations and data correlation from legacy and stand-alone physical security systems, eFusion provides comprehensive security monitoring and reporting on a single unified dashboard – collecting all the complex data, and simplifying it. But don’t be fooled by the simple user interface – Maxxess eFusion is a robust solution that can be customized to fit your needs. The dashboard contents and admin functions can be tailored to your preference, running on your own machines as a thick client, or set up to be browser based or app based – whichever works best for you.

eFusion can provide a wide range of functions to help you manage your security situation and associated risks. For example, many organizations have updated their HR and building occupancy policies in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations get back to work, and for the longer term if desired, eFusion can help with the safety of your organization and people by:

  1. Managing access control while taking into account new threats
  2. Checking and accurately reporting temperatures
  3. Providing symptom questionnaires, as a controlled point of entry which can be unmanned
  4. Limiting the number of people in any area
  5. Notifying staff of congested areas that may raise potential health risks
  6. Keeping track of people who have been identified as health risks
  7. Performing HIPAA compliant contact tracing surveys

eFusion can reduce or eliminate the need for human monitoring, and maintain unbiased, objective controls that are in everyone’s best interest.

In these ways, eFusion can reduce or eliminate the need for human monitoring, and maintain unbiased, objective controls that are in everyone’s best interest.

For any security management system to be effective, it must integrate with the other systems that are in use at your facility. eFusion has already been integrated with more than 100 security-related systems from more than 60 of the leading technology providers in the market. The chances are high that every system you have, or are contemplating adding, already integrates with eFusion. And it isn’t just hardware integrations on legacy products – eFusion has a long list of software integrations and complex building system integrations too.

People Walking through lobby
Access Control Elevator

For example, eFusion integrates with elevator controllers from Kone, Otis and Schindler that allows for access control policies to be implemented not only at entrance doors, but also at every floor of the building for full “door and floor” control.

Here’s another example: When eFusion is integrated with video surveillance systems it can use GPS location addressing of the cameras to coordinate with eFusion alarms. In this way, an alarm trigger generated by a door forced open, panic button, or other source can automatically trigger video recording or viewing within a set distance – 50 meters, for example – of the trigger’s location.

Because it integrates with all your important security-related systems, and because it can be customized with your own preferred policies, eFusion is able to do a lot of the routine monitoring function for you, letting you focus on your objectives.

Affordable and Effective

As powerful as the Maxxess eFusion security management platform is, you might think that it would be a costly investment, but in fact eFusion has a modest price and is extremely cost-effective. Maxxess delivers a complete solution with features and functionality that even our biggest competitors cannot offer – and at a fraction of the price. Contact us, or one of our authorized dealer-installers to find out more!

When it comes to security management, eFusion is:

Complex Security. Simplified.

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