In the past, the security department was a necessary expense, like insurance, that no one viewed as a valuable contributor to business success. With that viewpoint, it seemed reasonable to minimize the budget, or even to outsource the services entirely.

Fortunately, many businesses have discarded that outdated, misguided way of thinking. While it was in many cases well-intentioned, ignoring the potential business contributions from security operations not only wasted all the data and intelligence that could have been put to good use, it also ‘left money on the table’ that could have improved bottom-line results.

Here are some ways that current organizations are extracting business value from their integrated security solutions above and beyond their primary safety and security-related functions:

Workforce Management

HR teams push to maximize the management and effectiveness of the organization’s workforce. To achieve this objective, part of their task is to understand who is working, where, and when.

  • HR is involved with granting access to restricted areas, materials, data and information, and network functionality.
  • HR is responsible to provide accurate information and safe working conditions for employees at all times, including emergencies.
  • HR is in charge for advocating policies for the workforce, contractors, and visitors to support them in the achievement of their tasks and goals, while confirming and documenting compliance with applicable policies and regulations.

In each of these areas, having clear, objective visibility to pertinent data and/or auditable records will help HR management understand the context of their workforce ecosystem and will provide a strong foundational basis for policy development, gauging the status of the workforce, and implementing policy changes whenever necessary. The integrated information available from the full range of installed security systems, particularly when coupled with the related enterprise applications such as time and attendance, provides enormous business value for HR operations.

Emergency & Response Management

As indicated above, emergency situations pose particular challenges for executive management across an organization. During such events, it is critical that designated emergency response team leaders have a clear, objective, and comprehensive understanding of the situation so that they can disseminate timely and accurate information and make good decisions about what actions to take.

This makes emergency response planning imperative so that rehearsed playbook responses can be implemented when necessary. This best practice will guide team members to implement prescribed – saving valuable time during critical situations.

Business Continuity Management

Carrying on from the previous points, consider the business value of taking the correct prescribed actions in the case of an emergency. If an organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are current, well-considered, and comprehensive, the ability to implement them quickly and accurately can help sustain vital business information assets and operations during crisis events. It can result in knowing that everyone has safely vacated impacted areas and directed to established muster points, keeping first responders out of harm’s way. It can result in the proper securing of chemicals, narcotics, and equipment – any of which could be critical for business continuity and to protect public safety.

Integrate Your Security Systems with Maxxess

Maxxess integrated security solutions are designed to provide the perfect combination of manpower and technology to best detect, monitor and remediate emergency situations, planned events and everyday operations.

In addition to the inherent security benefits provided by Maxxess Systems solutions, they deliver multi data points for myriad facility and management operations, risk mitigation and logistic applications. Having a current, objective understanding of potential threats, liabilities and operating procedures can help prevent and reduce the impact of emergency situations. Let us show you how.

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