A Higher Level of Integrated Security Solutions

Helping Organizations Upgrade Their Situational Awareness

Innovative security management solutions from Maxxess are implemented around the world in a diverse set of industries. eFusion™, the “systems intelligence” solution that integrates and correlates data from surveillance, access control and various other physical security related inputs onto a comprehensive monitoring and reporting dashboard. eFusion provides video and access system management and control capabilities along with alarm monitoring, access credentials tracking/authorization/de-authorization remotely, door status and more.

MX+ – the web-based client for eFusion, MX+ gives the user a comprehensive graphical dashboard featuring data that allows the user to be proactive to issues rather than reactive. Users can lock down sites, view which identities are close to expiration and much more via an easy-to-navigate interface.

Here are some examples of industry-specific solutions that make use of eFusion’s unique capabilities to better detect, understand, and respond to unfolding events in real time.

Maxxess eFusion security management software integrates with other security systems
Maxxess offers security solutions for healthcare applications


Healthcare regulations are complex with demanding security needs. eFusion integrates information from diverse access and security systems to provide managers the information they need to protect patients, visitors and staff, manage risks, and secure sensitive equipment and materials. Our new HIPAA security system helps maintain compliance with essential privacy regulations and minimize the risk of fines.

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From theft, vandalism to liability issues, construction sites are at risk of frequent security challenges. The marriage of eFusion Security Management Software with the Insite Coordination Software is a breakthrough in job-site productivity. By reinforcing the project management of workers and contractors, site communications will also be enhanced significantly and become seamless.

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Maxxess offers security solutions for K-12 education applications

K-12 Schools

School districts can better coordinate emergencies in real-time with eFusion. K-12 schools can dramatically improve their response times with a powerful new security and operations solution that brings together the power of their diverse electronic security systems on a single, highly versatile and powerful platform.

Maxxess offers security solutions for campus applications

Higher Education

Campus settings are an ideal application for eFusion Security Management Software solutions. Education and business campuses often host a wide range of activities with an open flow of participants, and employ numerous physical security systems. By managing campus security systems and intelligence data on a single platform, overall situational awareness is maximized, and customized operational rules and procedures can be established and maintained.