When Construction Sites Require
Improved Security and Project Management

Situation: Construction managers are overseeing a job site

Key eFusion Solution Capabilities:

  • Beyond providing basic security, a key differentiator from other security systems is eFusion’s vigilance in monitoring compliance and certifications of the workers.
  • The eFusion module brings the potential of information flow to greater heights between team members, this includes check-in, reporting, and ensuring worker status is up-to-date.

Current System

Problem: Lack of Communication Capability

The current system on the construction site focuses on security, but does not include vital information regarding current status for both workers and the overall project. What happens if a construction manager notices a lack of coordination? There will be no mechanism to track root causes of problems and communicate with the workers. The immense time consumed on ineffective communication between construction managers and workers, and contractors can be utilized for greater matters. What is needed is a security system that not only controls access, but contains all crucial information for a construction manager to run the job site more efficiently.

eFusion Solution

Solution: Marrying Security to Seamless Communication

The eFusion solution provides unified security, access control, and communication for the hundreds of contractors that work on the job site. eFusion is beyond what a security system can achieve. With the communication module, the project manager can easily:

  1. Get check-in information
  2. Allow workers to report problems
  3. Keep track of compliance requirements
  4. Verify that worker certifications exist and are not expired

The versatile system has a modular, building block design that is built for construction managers’ convenience.


Maxxess eFusion’s mastery does not only lie in providing fundamental security needs for construction teams, more importantly, it leverages the system for boosting operational efficiency.

Maxxess eFusion MX+ security management software

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