When You Need to Enforce Security
Regulations and Maintain Compliance

Situation: Organization prepares for a HIPAA Audit

Key eFusion Solution Capabilities:

  • Develop automated reports designed to support fast and effective audits
  • Includes reporting filter controlling what information is included in reports
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Current System

Problem: Manual HIPAA Auditing

The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security rule both proclaim that organizations must put physical safeguards, such as a badging system and security cameras, in place to protect ePHI data.

These safeguards are meant to restrain physical access to sensitive information and create a documented trail of who accesses the data and when.

However, access control companies don’t currently design their security software to include HIPAA audits.

This leaves the organization having to custom configure their own security system to ensure they’re meeting HIPAA compliance.

It would be ideal if the security system was included into the organization’s compliance strategy.

eFusion HIPAA System

Solution: Configured Audit Assistance

The eFusion solution has incorporated HIPAA audits as an ideal function for organizations to help meet compliance.

Our security system has been configured to include the necessary automated reports to help your team ensure these security regulations are being met.

  1. Role-Based Access Control Auditing provides ePHI data authorization for operators to give access to certain users
  2. Audit Reporting for Employees includes HIPAA data that is only limited to relevant users
  3. Cardholder Audit to show which employees were given access and when they were given authorization for ePHI locations
  4. Operator Report that provides authorizer information and supplies dates when cardholders were added

Easily secure your physical safeguards and achieve HIPAA compliance with the industry-leading security solution.


The eFusion solution is configured for HIPAA audits to help organizations maintain and proving their compliance to security regulations.

Maxxess eFusion MX+ security management software

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